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book cover of the book What is really going on in Ukraine

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To ALL Ukrainian People who stand strong fighting for their lives against russian nazi's vile invasion. Please consider donating or buying a book by Ukrainian author!

written in february 2022

while escaping kyiv with her family

The author tragically finds herself in the situation when in 21st century she has to protect her 3 children from physical distraction! Her way of overcoming panic and anxiety is through journaling. So that's what she does - writes down everything that is going on around. And it is truly scary what is going on. Read it, if you are brave enough! Feel what it felt like being attacted by bombs in modern european world!

What is really going on in Ukraine Page 2

nighmare is not over yet

The stupid unfair war in the middle of Europe continues for more than 2 years. Over 6 millions of Ukrainians left their motherland. Around 8 millions were displaced within the country. Each family lives in uncertainty and fear for their future. Please consider donating 

the author is writing the next book

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